Parcel tracking

The simple Shipment Tracking tool allows you to track the complete journey of your package - where it started, where it was repositioned, when it will be delivered, and who took delivery of the package.

How do I track my shipment?

We take the information in the tracking of your shipment from our shipping partners. If you search for your shipment tracking, it will show all the information the carrier has provided us with so far.

The following information is shown when tracking your shipment:

  • An indication of when the courier will arrive to pick up your parcel,
  • Where the parcel is currently located,
  • Whether there are any problems preventing the pickup or the delivery of the parcel,
  • When the parcel will be delivered, etc.

If the carrier provides contact details for its couriers, the phone number is also displayed in the shipment tracking information. If it is not, the carrier haven’t provided us with the information.

You will also find a link to:

  • Cancel your shipment (this can only be requested prior to the package being handed over to the courier),
  • Create a claim (if you notice that the parcel is visibly damaged upon delivery, be sure to write a damage report with the courier and take a photo of the parcel),
  • Evaluate our services.

Where can I find the number IZxxxxxxxxxxxx?

The IZxxxxxxxxxx number is the identification number of your shipment in our administration system. This number is how both you and we can track information about your shipment throughout the journey. Although it differs from the carrier's package number, which is shown on the shipment label, it is not an problem for the system.

The identification number of your shipment can be found in the e-mail confirming your shipping order. We have sent it to the e-mail address you provided in your order. The IZ number is also included in other e-mails that inform you about the shipment’s progress along the way.

customer care manager
You will find the IZxxxxxxxx shipment identification number in the e-mail "Paid! Get your shippment ready,". Or simply in any other e-mail in which we inform you about the progress of your shipment.