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How to send a parcel online using Zaslat?

Zaslat is a revolutionary shipping service that eliminates the need for a complicated journey to the post office. And you can forget about queues. Simply fill in your information and prepare your package - we'll do the rest. We will pick up your shipment and quickly deliver it exactly where it belongs.

3 easy steps to send

You only need a few minutes on

and don't worry about the label. The courier will bring it.

Choose the transport that suits you best. Cheaper, faster or .

We will pick up the package at your place. Whether you are at home or at another address. Or we can pick it up at . for business owners and companies

We offer tailor-made shipping solutions

How to order package transportation?

Enter all the necessary data in the form at

How to pack the shipment?

We have prepared a package packing guide for you.


Trust your parcels

To the shipment manager from