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Four easy steps to send your package

Quote, compare, choose, and order

Carefully select from among our carrier offers. Just enter where and what you want to ship. No registration, no paperwork, and a huge discount.

Pack and wait for the courier's arrival

Seal your package carefully and ensure that the contents are adequately protected. Proper packaging of the parcel will avoid any issues in transit.

A courier picks up the parcel at your home

Your courier will pick up the parcel at your chosen location. Courier will bring the labels, stick them on, and hand over your receipt.

Your parcel is on its way to the recipient. Well done!

Save time and up to 80% of costs compared to regular channels. You can keep an eye on how your package is doing its way, whether it's Czech or international, using our tracking tool or app.

Logistics for your business

Discounts and invoice payment

Are you sending lots of packages? We'll make you a deal tailored for your business. And of course, there is a possibility to pay a total once per month for the invoice. Do not wait and write to us.

Custom collection

If you need to send parcels throughout the day and do not expect anything, we offer a daily pickup mode where the driver arrives at the pickup time regularly to pick up the pickup packages.

API integration

If you are processing a large number of shipments a day, it is convenient to link your solution through the API. Then you will send packages and print labels with a single click from the environment you are used to.

Press releases

We enjoy working with the media. We regularly comment on current events on the transport market in leading online and printed media. See our press releases.

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We make delivery of your parcel effortless, wherever you go, directly from your mobile device. We will always keep you informed about your shipment’s progress with push notifications. You will not miss any vital information.

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