International parcels from the Czech Republic

The price list is valid for packages weighing up to 40 kg, with dimensions that meet the criteria of 2x height + 2x width + length <3 meters. We also offer transportation of oversized items of up to 70 kg, using UPS and FedEx carriers. These prices are not listed in the price list, however, you can easily book the transport of consignments of up to 70 kg by entering the parameters into the calculator on the home page.
Where do you want to send the package Delivery time Price with VAT from
  Czech Republic 1 day CZK 119
  Slovakia 1 - 2 days CZK 199
  Germany 2 days CZK 329
  Poland 2 days CZK 330
  Austria      Hungary      Slovenia    2 days CZK 339
  Croatia      Romania    3 days CZK 339
  England / United Kingdom / Great Britain 2 - 4 days CZK 645
  Ireland 2 - 4 days CZK 1,083
  Belgium      Netherlands / Netherlands      Luxembourg      Denmark    2 days CZK 439
  Estonia      Lithuania      Latvia    3 days CZK 439
  France      Italy    3 - 4 days CZK 449
  Bulgaria 4 days CZK 449
  Spain 4 - 7 days CZK 449
  Greece      Cyprus      Malta    4 - 5 days CZK 934
  Finland      Sweden    4 - 6 days CZK 934
  Portugal 4 - 7 days CZK 934

What you should know when sending a package abroad

Do not forget to fill out
a local telephone number

When filling in an order, it is essential that you add a local recipient's phone number. If a courier is unable to trace the address, he will attempt to contact the addressee by using a phone number. For non-local numbers, drivers do not usually call. Always fill out a local telephone number to avoid delay and the eventual return of the shipment.

Prohibited content
or content with limitations

When sending abroad, there are some restrictions and prohibitions, which vary according to country and carrier or type of transport. Before ordering the shipment, make sure that the contents of your shipment are not on the list of restrictions and prohibitions or contact our customer support.

possible delay

Transport across Europe can be speedy, but it is important to realise that minor delays may occur due to weather, disturbances, summer or Christmas spikes, strikes, and, unfortunately, occasional human failures. Be aware of these possibilities, especially for important items.