Bezkonkurenční ceny s PPL a výhodnější zahraničí

Goods excluded from transport

Although we try to meet your logistical requirement, we still cannot transport everything. Due to the safety of your parcel, and nearby packages, the means of transport, and the people handling the parcel. In case you send goods on this list and something happens, you automatically lose your right to compensation in the claims procedure and may be liable for the damage caused by these goods.

Domestic shipments

  • human and animal remains
  • live animals and plants
  • illegal substances and medicines
  • musical instruments without a hard case
  • parcels addressed to the recipient's P.O. Box
  • a shipment consisting of several coupled boxes
  • perishable, infectious or odorous goods
  • thermally unstable goods requiring temperature control
  • containers of liquids shipped with other items
  • personal documents, passports, identity cards, driving licences
  • works of art of high value, objects of sentimental value
  • ammunition, firearms, explosives, fireworks and similar articles
  • furs, animal skins (from other than domesticated animals), ivory
  • goods of a personal nature (e.g. clothing, photographs, etc.) with UPS and Fedex carriers
  • freestanding appliances (excluding pallet shipments with Toptrans)
  • shipments in sacks, bags and loose packages (except with Toptrans)
  • televisions or screens with a diagonal measurement greater than 42" or curved screens
  • sanitary ware and granite sinks (except palletised with Toptrans)
  • bottles and jars which are not packed in certified packages intended for parcel transport
  • glass and other goods (or parts thereof) made of glass, porcelain or cast iron, earthenware and other products of similar materials
  • shipments clearly exceeding the weight or dimensional limits entered in the order on
  • commodities listed as dangerous goods in the ADR Convention (relating to the international carriage of dangerous goods by road)
  • shipments that are not protected and/or packed in a manner appropriate to their weight, shape and nature of contents or to the Carrier's requirements and shipments with contents that require special protection or handling
  • high value goods such as cash, precious metals, art and antiques, collections, securities, credit or debit cards, drawn lottery tickets, genuine pearls, precious stones, jewellery

International shipments

  • Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and excise goods
  • Commodities listed in the ADR (International Road Transport) Convention
  • goods with a value exceeding CZK 125,000 or the equivalent of EUR 5,000
  • medicines and pharmaceuticals
  • any part containing oil or petrol
  • pornographic materials
  • Goods or parcels the sending of which is prohibited by any applicable law (for example, because of their content, intended recipient or the country from/to which they are to be sent). Applicable law includes all laws, regulations (e.g. decrees, orders or measures) that may impose a sanction, as well as any trade restrictions and economic sanctions against countries, persons or entities (e.g. embargoes), including those imposed by the United Nations, the European Union and the Member States of the European Union
  • Goods of a personal nature (e.g., clothing, photographs, etc.) with UPS and Fedex carriers

Air freight