Who and what is Zaslat.cz

We are Zaslat.cz

We are an online shipping service and we are here for anyone who needs to send any package. We believe that everyone should be entitled to high quality and reliable shipping services, not just big companies.

No conditions, minimum volumes and contracts. We are people and we connect people, gladly and every day. Get to know us!

Over 55,000 of you already know that booking cheap and reliable courier services has never been easier.

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We're fine folks, get to know us

The Zaslat.cz service is built on a solid foundation laid by an experienced management team that has grown up in a number of technology-focused companies.

We strive to find each new member of our crew from among acquaintances and friends. That's how we maintain a friendly culture that goes far beyond the office hours.

Get to know us!

Company Management

Miroslav Michalko
Co-founder of
CEO / Director

Miro is the heart and brain of Zaslat.cz. Together with his friend from college, he founded Zaslat.cz and keeps it running smoothly.

Stanislav Sumbal
Co-founder of
CTO / Technical Director

Standa has brought ideas to life, built the Zaslat.cz app from the ground up and is involved in the strategic direction of the company.

Tomáš Volejníček
Co-founder of
CFO / Chief Financial Officer

Zaslat.cz was originally created as a project of CELKOM Praha led by Tom. He has been primarily involved in the strategic management of the company since the beginning.

Values that drive us forward together


We want to provide high quality, yet inexpensive shipping services for everyone, without complicated contracts and minimum volumes.


We want to be the market leader in internet shipping services in Central and Eastern Europe.


We take care of our customers and employees as our partners. We respect and listen.

The Story Zaslat.cz

We are starting our expansion in Europe

As of 1 May 2020, we have successfully launched the Zaslat.sk service for our Slovak friends, with a new ordering process and web design, which we can test and then use for the parent brand Zaslat.cz.

Corona crisis taught us a lot

The corona crisis and the related state of emergency has also affected us. In addition to having to learn to work from the home office from day to day, where we moved all our customer care to, we encountered a huge demand for our services, up to twice as much. Door-to-door delivery has never made more sense than it does right now. We were working X hours of overtime, were adding and training new customer care members, and yet were still managing to deliver free masks all over the country and abroad.

Celebrating half a million deliveries

In this hectic period, we did not forget to appreciate the big milestone we achieved together, namely 500,000 reliably delivered parcels. We are grateful for every new and returning customer.

Not only the number of shipments is growing, but also the number of chairs in the office

The big changes we've been going through have not been without new reinforcements. Our ranks have been joined by strategic marketer Martin Kudera, who has been instrumental in building successful digital businesses in the online marketing space. The team was also strengthened by Markéta Kudera with marketing experience from companies such as DámeJídlo.cz or TisknuLevně.cz, UX/UI designer Robert Blecha, programmer Dominik Polák and versatile graphic designer Tomáš Nadymáček.

Creating an expansion strategy with African company GloCell

The year 2019 was marked by building a new brand for South Africa. Our new colleague, experienced manager Marco Carosini, became the link between the Czech Republic and South Africa. From the logo itself, the new website, welcoming our British colleague Craig to our office in Brno, to signing up carriers and other partners, we launched the global version of Zaslat.cz - Parcelspot.com in January 2020.

Email from Africa was not a spam and we got our first investor

We have never proactively sought an investor, yet we received a message in our email all the way from Africa, which we fortunately did not consider spam. We were approached by successful businessmen from South Africa who came up with a proposal to build a service similar to Zaslat.cz in Africa. After dozens of hours of calls, discussions and a mutual visit, we shook hands and started developing a new service for our new foreing customers and unfamiliar territory of South Africa.

We are diversifying our portfolio and preparing to expand abroad

To better fill the market for shipping services and offer a simple alternative to Zaslat.cz, we are taking over the management of Chytrybalik.cz. Its main benefit is clarity, speed and simplicity of ordering. It is not possible to choose from the extended shipping options offered by Zaslat.cz, but for regular shipments it is an ideal alternative. In the meantime, we are redesigning the Zaslat.cz website, developing our own chat and preparing for expansion abroad - first to Slovakia.

10,000 parcels/month, new members and new carrier

On average, we deliver over 10,000 parcels per month, and the Christmas season even surpassed the 20,000 parcel mark. Until now, Miroslav Michalko has handled most of the managerial agenda by himself. But evolution has caught up with him and he recognizes that we need reinforcements for sales, accounting, marketing and for the overall management of the company, and so five new employees are coming aboard. The Christmas parties are becoming space-consuming. In addition, we've been able to expand our services to include a premium carrier, UPS, which allows us to deliver shipments, even expressly, worldwide.

We grow, modernize and develop the first app in the transportation market

The number of parcels and the related sales are growing by 15% month-over-month, and this calls for new reinforcements. With four new employees joining the team, we have more space to develop the first mobile app in the shipping market.

A new carrier and the remarkable 1,000 parcels / month

The year since its launch, the service has been evolving and constantly adjusting. A lot of things have caught us by surprise and gone differently than we imagined. But we learned from everything and kept fixing, tweaking, evolving. The feedback from our customers drove us forward, we knew our efforts were worthwhile. One year after launching Zaslat.cz, we are reaching the 1,000 shipments per month mark and we are integrating DPD into our carrier offer.

Zaslat.cz - because every shipment matters

In September 2014, Zaslat.cz is launched with its original motto - "Because every shipment matters". The company consists of three founders and one customer care agent. Miroslav has always been keen on friendly relationships, so he always looks for his colleagues among his friends first. All four original members are long-time friends. We are the first carrier to integrate GLS, Geis and TOPTRANS.

Let's start a shipping service. For anyone.

Miroslav therefore approached Stanislav Sumbal, an experienced enterprise systems developer. Thanks to Miroslav's compelling passion for the whole idea, he couldn't help but agree and participate in the creation of the revolutionary Zaslat.cz shipping service.

How to get a couch from Cheb to Brno?

In the beginning, there wasn't a word, there was a couch. When the founder of Zaslat.cz, Miroslav Michalko, found out that it was not so easy as an ordinary mortal to order the transport of a couch from Cheb to Brno, he saw a hole in the market that the young tenacious entrepreneur wanted to fill. Like a good analyst, he first did his market research and his hypotheses were confirmed. In the Czech Republic, it's really not easy to order parcel shipping unless you are a corporate customer.

We're always happy to be covered by the media

We enjoy working with the media. We regularly comment on current events in the transportation market in leading online and print media. For more information, please visit section for media.

Do you work in the media and are you interested in the topic of parcel shipping? Contact us, we have something to share.

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