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Send package around the Czech Republic without queues and waiting at the post office? At, you can order transport online within a few minutes. The courier will come to your home, pick up the package and deliver it with care. Large or small shipment? We'll come to your home, work, cottage, just about wherever you want.

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Weight Carrier Cena od Rating  
Package up to 0.5kg 63 Kč
(52,07 Kč incl. VAT)
Package up to 1kg 63 Kč
(52,07 Kč incl. VAT)
Package up to 2kg 63 Kč
(52,07 Kč incl. VAT)
Package up to 3kg 63 Kč
(52,07 Kč incl. VAT)
Package up to 5kg 63 Kč
(52,07 Kč incl. VAT)
Package up to 10kg 63 Kč
(52,07 Kč incl. VAT)
Package up to 15kg 63 Kč
(52,07 Kč incl. VAT)
Package up to 20kg 179 Kč
(147,93 Kč incl. VAT)
Package up to 25kg 199 Kč
(164,46 Kč incl. VAT)
Package up to 30kg 219 Kč
(180,99 Kč incl. VAT)
Package up to 40kg 279 Kč
(230,58 Kč incl. VAT)
Package up to 50kg 389 Kč
(321,49 Kč incl. VAT)

Do you regularly send business parcels around the Czech Republic?

We know that   to do business with customers abroad can be difficult  -  every country is a bit different laws, delivery practices, and even working hours. Our helps you get one-stop ordering for shipping andtrack your parcels worldwide, so you may focus on the real issues of your business. Your parcels in our care will be delivered cheaply, quickly, and reliably - just wrap them up! Check out our parcel shipping options for entrepreneurs.

Parcel to abroad with the very best

Choose the carrier of your choice

GLS (General Logistics Systems is a system parcel carrier, which since its establishment in 1999 has built a stable and wide network of European parcel transport. It currently operates in 41 European countries, including the Czech Republic. It will deliver the consignment in the Czech Republic by the second working day, and in other European countries within 3-4 days on average. GLS are experts mainly for smaller - lighter shipments. The courier will pick up the package at your home and reliably deliver it anywhere in the Czech Republic and Europe. And if you have a GLS collection point near your place of residence, you can take the packages there and save up to CZK 25 on shipping costs.

The history of the carrier DPD (Direct Parcel Distribution) dates back to 1976, it started operating in the Czech Republic in 1994 with its main headquarters in Prague. DPD operates in most European countries. Shipping prices for international shipments are more than optimistic - for example, sending a three-kilo package to Germany costs 355 CZK! Also DPD focuses mainly on smaller - lighter shipments. The courier will pick up the package at your home and reliably deliver it anywhere in the Czech Republic and Europe.

The transport company TOPTRANS , on the other hand, is a purely Czech logistics company that sends packages only within the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Although it is not nearly as large a company with representation throughout Europe as GLS or DPD, they nevertheless fill another segment - namely the transport of oversized shipments.

Fifty years of history and millions of shipments delivered around the world - that's FedEx. Throughout its history, FedEx has become a symbol of reliability, not only in the U.S., where it's at home but around the world. And now also with  Zaslat. Wherever you're shipping to, in  collaboration with  this partner, we'll find a solution for  you.

UPS is one of the most recognized and admired logistics brands in the world. And it's no wonder since it reliably transports millions of shipments every day in more than 200 countries around the world. With more than a century of history, UPS has valuable experience and can provide a wide range of services depending on what, where, and how fast a customer needs to ship.

We will send your package worldwide in 4 working days!

If you need your parcel delivered as fast as possible, FedEx  PRIORITY or UPS  EXPRESS  SAVER are the right choices for you. The carrier will pick up the parcel at your home and deliver it in the shortest possible time - within 2 working days around Europe and 4 working days worldwide. Just wrap it up!

NOTICE! Estimated delivery times may vary in remote areas depending on the distance from the carrier's central warehouse in the delivery area, the density of the carrier network, or other unforeseen factors. The estimated dates in the order are for guidance only.

What you should know before sending the package within Czech Republic

Sending a COD package is easy

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia people have one thing in common - love for cash on delivery. You too can use together with the  complimentary cash on delivery service. You don't have to worry, you don't have to fill out a complicated form like at the post office, and you don't even have to have a euro account. You may conveniently receive everything to  your current account, you just choose what fixed amount we have to collect on  cash on delivery and  we will immediately recalculate how much you will receive in  crowns. Or do you want to receive a fixed amount in CZK? We will immediately calculate how much it will be in euros and collect that amount from the recipient.

Be sure to fill in the local phone number

When completing your order, it's important to add the local phone number of the recipient. If the courier is unable to find the address, he will try to contact the recipient using the telephone number. Drivers usually do not call non-local numbers, couriers do not speak English everywhere! This will prevent delays and possible returns.

Prohibited or restricted content

We recommend that you carefully check the contents of your package before ordering the shipment list of restrictions and prohibitions , or contact our infoline. Also read carefully about the smooth course of transport how to pack a shipment correctly.

Send a package worldwide

With Zaslat, you can send a package not just around the Czech Republic, but anywhere in the world. See wherever you can send a parcel abroad and order shipping in minutes. Easily, quickly and most cost-effectively from the comfort of your home. A courier will come directly to your home and deliver your parcel with care, even halfway around the world. We will take care of everything important, you just need to wrap the parcel.

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