Send Parcel to United Kingdom

The price is affected by the weight and exact size of the shipment. However, the real weight is not used, but the so-called volume weight, which also includes the dimensions of the shipment. It may happen that the volume weight of your shipment is higher than the actual one. For accurate calculation of the price of the shipment, please use the form for calculating the freight on the main page.
Weight Carrier Customer Reviews Price without VAT from Price with VAT from  
package up to 0.5 kg UPS 4.64   (4.64) CZK 645.00 CZK 645.00 Get Quotes
package up to 1 kg FedEx 4.54   (4.54) CZK 738.00 CZK 738.00 Get Quotes
package up to 2 kg FedEx 4.54   (4.54) CZK 738.00 CZK 738.00 Get Quotes
package up to 3 kg FedEx 4.54   (4.54) CZK 738.00 CZK 738.00 Get Quotes
package up to 5 kg FedEx 4.54   (4.54) CZK 738.00 CZK 738.00 Get Quotes
package up to 10 kg UPS 4.64   (4.64) CZK 848.00 CZK 848.00 Get Quotes
package up to 15 kg UPS 4.64   (4.64) CZK 866.00 CZK 866.00 Get Quotes
package up to 20 kg UPS 4.64   (4.64) CZK 885.00 CZK 885.00 Get Quotes
package up to 25 kg UPS 4.64   (4.64) CZK 906.00 CZK 906.00 Get Quotes
package up to 30 kg UPS 4.64   (4.64) CZK 917.00 CZK 917.00 Get Quotes
package up to 40 kg UPS 4.64   (4.64) CZK 1,623.00 CZK 1,623.00 Get Quotes

Do you often travel to the United Kingdom?

Do you plan to travel to the UK? You certainly don't want to spoil your trip with heavy luggage. We will send shipments to the largest European island starting at 379 CZK. Your luggage will move quickly – the delivery time is 3-4 days. We deliver reliably, because all parcels matters to us.

Need to send a business parcel to the UK?

Do you want to expand your business beyond the Channel, or do you already have customers in the UK? You do not have to fill out any new paperwork, pay customs duties, or pay for a translation. We ship to the UK starting at 349, - CZK. Do you need more precise delivery times? Check out the holiday busy seasons in the UK to make sure. We will deliver your parcels to the UK at a great price quickly and reliably.

What you should know when sending packages to United Kingdom

Include a British telephone number

It is important to add a local recipient's phone number when filling in your order. The delivery process in the UK is a bit different than in the Czech Republic, and without a British phone number, an unsuccessful delivery may occur.

Prohibited content or content with restrictions

There are some restrictions and prohibitions when sending to the UK. These are, in particular, restrictions on the transport of alcohol and tobacco products and of course, further prohibitions. Before ordering your shipment, make sure that the contents of your parcel are not on the list of restrictions and bans or contact our customer support.

Leaving your parcel at a neighbour’s

The United Kingdom is a country full of traditions based in many places on trust and security. Therefore, it may be unusual for us that the courier leaves a package with the recipient‘s neighbours or just behind a gate without warning. According to the shipping Terms, it is allowable for a courier to leave the shipment at a neighbour’s, but the recipient must be fully informed. To minimise the possibility of complications, it is advisable that you notify all parties of your absence.

Pay attention to postcodes

Postcodes in the UK serve for more detailed addressing than is the case in the Czech Republic. Each unique routing number belongs to a particular street and can be identified. Theoretically, it is enough to know the postcode and house number. We recommend, of course, that you fill in the full street name and the rest of the address still.

Repeated Delivery

Unlike in the Czech Republic, where a courier will try to deliver the shipment at least twice, there is only one attempt in the UK. In this case, the parcel is then taken to the depot and the recipient is informed of this fact. Make sure that the recipient is on the spot at the expected time, or check the location of the nearest depot.

Expect possible delay

Shipments to the United Kingdom are heavily influenced by the situation in Germany and, above all, in France. Frequent shipboard strikes, Eurotunnel staff and, unfortunately, immigration issues can cause delays. Shipments to the northern part of Scotland or nearby islands may be delayed by weather for two days. In the case of urgent shipments, mind the reserve for parcels in the UK and London as a result of the situation in the Channel.

What you should know when sending packages to United Kingdom


When filling out the order details, it is important to include the correct dialling code of the recipient's telephone number. If the courier is unable to find the address, the driver will try to contact the recipient using the telephone number provided. This prevents delays and possible return of the shipment. Drivers usually do not call non-local numbers.

Prohibited content
or content with limitations

When sending packages, there are a number of restrictions and prohibitions, which vary both by country and by individual carrier or type of transport. Before booking your shipment, make sure that the contents of your package are not on the list of restricted or prohibited items or contact our helpline.

possible delay

Transport in the Czech Republic can be very fast. However, it is important to know that due to extreme weather conditions, breakdowns, summer or Christmas peak periods, strikes and, unfortunately, the occasional human failure, there may be slight delays. Please consider this, especially with important shipments.