Send Parcel within the Czech Republic

Prices are valid for parcels with standard dimensions meeting the conditions of 2x height + 2x width + length <3 meters. We provide transport of oversized shipments up to 3,000 kilograms, but the resulting transport price depends on the distance from where the shipment will be transported.
Weight Carrier Customer Reviews Price without VAT from Price with VAT from  
package up to 1 kg GLS 4.75   (4.75) CZK 98.35 CZK 119.00 Get Quotes
package up to 2 kg DPD 4.75   (4.75) CZK 107.44 CZK 130.00 Get Quotes
package up to 3 kg DPD 4.75   (4.75) CZK 114.88 CZK 139.00 Get Quotes
package up to 5 kg DPD 4.75   (4.75) CZK 123.97 CZK 150.00 Get Quotes
package up to 10 kg DPD 4.75   (4.75) CZK 132.23 CZK 160.00 Get Quotes
package up to 15 kg DPD 4.75   (4.75) CZK 148.76 CZK 180.00 Get Quotes
package up to 20 kg DPD 4.75   (4.75) CZK 157.02 CZK 190.00 Get Quotes
package up to 25 kg DPD 4.75   (4.75) CZK 173.55 CZK 210.00 Get Quotes
package up to 31.5 kg DPD 4.75   (4.75) CZK 183.47 CZK 222.00 Get Quotes
package up to 40 kg DPD 4.75   (4.75) CZK 218.18 CZK 264.00 Get Quotes
package up to 50 kg DPD 4.75   (4.75) CZK 289.26 CZK 350.00 Get Quotes

What you should know when sending packages within the Czech Republic

Do not forget to fill out
a local telephone number

When filling in an order, it is essential that you add a local recipient's phone number. If a courier is unable to trace the address, he will attempt to contact the addressee by using a phone number. For non-local numbers, drivers do not usually call. Always fill out a local telephone number to avoid delay and the eventual return of the shipment.

Prohibited content
or content with limitations

When sending abroad, there are some restrictions and prohibitions, which vary according to country and carrier or type of transport. Before ordering the shipment, make sure that the contents of your shipment are not on the list of restrictions and prohibitions or contact our customer support.

possible delay

Transport across Europe can be speedy, but it is important to realise that minor delays may occur due to weather, disturbances, summer or Christmas spikes, strikes, and, unfortunately, occasional human failures. Be aware of these possibilities, especially for important items.