Send a parcel to Africa

Send a parcel to Africa without queuing and waiting at the post office? On you can order online shipping in a few minutes, a courier will come to your home, pick up the package and deliver it with care. Even for larger parcels (up to 68 kg) we will come to your home, work, cottage, in short, anywhere you wish.

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What you should know before sending the package abroad

Be sure to fill in the local phone number

When filling out the order, it is important to add the local telephone number of the consignee. If the courier is unable to find the address, he will try to contact the recipient using the telephone number. Drivers usually do not call non-local numbers. This will prevent delays and possible return of the shipment.

Prohibited or restricted content

When sending abroad, there are a number of restrictions and prohibitions, which vary both by country and by individual carrier or type of transport. Before ordering transport, make sure that the contents of your shipment are not on the list of restrictions and prohibitions or contact our infoline.

Expect a possible delay

Transport around Europe can be very fast, but it is important to realize that due to the weather, breakdowns, summer or Christmas peaks, strikes and, unfortunately, occasional human failure, there may be minor delays. Expect this as a possibility, especially for important shipments.

With Zaslat, you can send a package anywhere in the world. See wherever you can send a parcel abroad and order shipping in minutes. Easily, quickly and most cost-effectively from the comfort of your home. A courier will come directly to your home and deliver your parcel with care, even halfway around the world. We will take care of everything important, you just need to wrap the parcel.

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