Bezkonkurenční ceny s PPL a výhodnější zahraničí

Shipment manager by

Have your logistics under control:
  • Quick booking process
  • Overview in a single view
  • Integration with Shoptet, Woocommerce, etc.
and so much more in the Shipment Manager

Take a step into the future of logistics with the Shipment Manager

Take a look at what the Shipment Manager can do

All shipments under supervision

Keep track of all your parcels, delivered, in transit or about to be sent to your customers. Track your packages from one place, regardless of the courier you choose.

Integration of e-shop with

Send shipments to customers with just one click thanks to the merging of e-shop and the Shipment Manager through integration or plugins. Includes a map of over 17,000 pick-up and delivery locations throughout Czechia with the option to directly import shipments in a CSV, XLSL, XLS, DOC, etc. file.

Fast, optimised booking process

No more unnecessary steps. You can manage everything in one simple overview - from entering pick-up location, selecting the carrier, to choosing a payment method.

Manage all of your logistic needs in one place

Booking a collection

Create your own pick-up point. At your company address, store or a warehouse.

Address book

All addresses in one place, no more tedious address-filling ever again.

Shipment templates

Preset the dimensions of frequently sent shipments.


Have control over shipments and expenses.


Solve problems easilyand efficiently.


Simply set what informationabout your packages you want to see. for business owners and companies

We offer tailor-made shipping solutions