Manual for correct packaging

We will deliver your package with care to where it belongs. But we need your help. For our service to work 100%, packages must be properly packed. But that's in your hands.

Our top priority is to get your parcels safely into the hands of the recipient

We will deliver your package with care to where it belongs. But we need your help. For our service to work 100%, packages must be properly packaged. But that's in your hands. If you follow the recommendations in this guide, you will help us and the carrier get your package safely to the recipient. Otherwise, the parcel may be damaged. However, if the damage is due to poor packaging, you cannot expect to be compensated in a claims procedure. Therefore, take care when packing your parcels. The more the better is clearly the case here.

Packaging varies by type of shipment:

Normal parcel transportation is provided by Balíkovna, DPD, Fedex, GLS, UPS and WE|DO. This is a systemic parcel transport where all parcels are sorted automatically by conveyor belts without exception. The following rules apply to this type of transport:

  • Pack in cardboard boxes (an irregularly shaped parcel could get stuck on the conveyors and damage more than just itself).
  • Adequate amount of filler material (bubble wrap, air bags, Styrofoam, etc.).
  • Do not send fragile goods (these carriers do not offer any special service for fragile shipments, they are all sorted indiscriminately, so we do not recommend sending fragile goods, glass and porcelain).

Parcels must be packed in such a way that they will be able to withstand:

impact equivalent to a drop of 1 meter
pressure proportional to five times its own weight
vibration caused by movement on roller conveyors

How to pack a common parcel correctly

  • We recommend using new boxes made of multi-layered cardboard
  • Use as much internal padding as possible, at least 5 cm from the walls of the box.
  • Wrap strong tape around all joined parts and flaps.
  • Weigh and measure the parcel. If the weight differes, we may charge you for any weight differences.
  • Special shipments that cannot be put in a box, wrap with cardboard.
  • Remove, or thoroughly re-sticker, all old labels and addresses on the package.
  • Write the sender's and recipient's addresses on the package (in case the shipping label is torn off).
  • Check to see if your chosen carrier requires label printing. The driver most often brings the label himself.
  • For parcels outside the European Economic Area, stick on a plastic "shirt" and attach the necessary documents.

Normal parcel transport

Beware of black stretch foil!

For parcels wrapped in black stretch foil, carriers have experienced problems with barcode reading, which can cause delays in shipping, for example. To ensure that your shipments travel smoothly from sender to recipient, carriers do not accept parcels packaged in this way! Unfortunately, we often encounter parcels packaged in this way, which is why DPD subsequently charges us additional charges for non-manipulated shipments.

Pack in a regular shaped box

The same also applies to a parcel packed in a carton box other than the regular shape. Always pack your shipments in a regular carton shape for system parcel carriers (GLS, DPD, UPS, FedEx, TNT). Parcels packed differently may not be accepted for shipment by the carrier.

Thanks to our partner, you can easily get everything you need to pack any shipment properly, whether you need anything other than black foil, cardboard boxes of different sizes, or even filler material or other packing aids.

ATTENTION! Failure to comply with the above rules may result in an additional charge of 200,- CZK for an unmanageable shipment and return of the shipment to the sender.

Please do not underestimate the correct packing. Read our advice and recommendations and avoid possible complications during shipment.

Maximum parcels parameters:

    • Max. weight to the Czech Republic: 15 kg
    • Max. length: 50 cm
    • Max. width: 50 cm
    • Max. height: 50 cm
    • Max. weight to the Czech Republic: 31.5 kg
    • Max. weight abroad: 31,5 kg
    • Max. circumference: 300 cm
    • Max. side length: 175 cm
    • Max. weight: 68 kg
    • Max. length: 240 cm
    • Max. width: 120 cm
    • Max. height: 150 cm
    • Max. circumference: 330 cm
    • Max. weight: 31.5 kg
    • Max. circumference: 300 cm
    • Max. side length: 200 cm
    • Max. weight: 31.5 kg
    • Max. length: 120 cm
    • Max. width: 60 cm
    • Max. height: 60 cm
    • Max. weight: 3 000 kg
    • Max. length: 350 cm
    • Max. width: 190 cm
    • Max. height: 190 cm
    • Max. weight: 70 kg
    • Max. circumference: 400 cm
    • Max. side length: 274 cm
    • Max. weight: 50 kg
    • Max. weight to EU countries: 30 kg
    • Max. volume
      (length x height x width)
      0,3 m3
    • Max. side length: 150 cm

Goods excluded from transport

Although we try to meet your logistical requirement, we still cannot transport everything. Due to the safety of your parcel, and nearby packages, the means of transport, and the people handling the parcel. In case you send goods on this list and something happens, you automatically lose your right to compensation in the claims procedure and may be liable for the damage caused by these goods.

If you are not sure if your goods meet the shipping conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.