Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for information about how our service works, what we offer, you are in the right place. We prepared for you a selection of the most frequently asked questions divided into categories by query type.
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Do you charge some extra fees?

Our prices are shown including all extra charges that courier companies charge, for example fuel and toll surcharge, home address pick up/delivery etc. Our biggest advantage over our competitors, is that all our prices are final, without any hidden fees. Surcharges are only for special services such as COD, express delivery, ID verification, additional insurance etc.

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What information is required when filling out the “Reference number” field?

Filling in this field is optional, so you can leave it blank. This field is mostly used by e-commerce businesses who fill their internal order number.

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Can I use a fully paying address that is different to the senders address?

This can be done in the second to last step of the checkout - Order summary. Above the “Order details” click on “Edit billing address”. After clicking here, a table will be shown in which you can fill in your required billing address.

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Can I receive discounts if I’m placing regular orders?

If you're running an e-commerce site, you have a store, you're a business or you sell your products through a third party internet platform, we will offer you special terms and prices. You can learn more about our special offers and please submit partner quote. Or just contact us. We have a solution for everyone.

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Do I need to print out a label?

If the system indicates that printing out a label is required, you need to print out the label directly from the order: Click on options, ‘print label’. The label from our system does not only have addresses, but it also includes a barcode, that is important for shipping. For our partners who send consignments through with regular collection, it is necessary to print out labels for most courier companies.

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What am I supposed to fill in the REMARK field when making an order?

Filling in this field is optional, so you can leave it blank. Businesses and e-commerce providers use this field to note their working hours, (lunch breaks) so the driver knows when is the best time to reach the customer. You can also note the content of the package for example “tires” or “refrigerator”, so the driver has enough room in his van. Please don't write the address in this field, you can, however, give detailed instructions on how to find an apartment/house or advise that a building number is not visible or you can even give tips on how to find the location I.e. the entrance is next to ABC Coffee shop.

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Can I have credit with you?

Please contact us and our sales department will provide you with information about our partnership and contract options.

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What does it mean to use sender/recipient address as a billing address?"

If you choose “use sender address as billing address”, the sender will receive two e-mails - One with confirmation of creating a new order and a second e-mail with an invoice and a link for tracking your parcel, when your payment has been processed. If you choose the second option, both e-mails are sent to the recipient.

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