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If you are looking for information about how our service works, what we offer, you are in the right place. We prepared for you a selection of the most frequently asked questions divided into categories by query type.
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How can I ship a package?

Order shipping directly on our website. After filling in the details on the initial page. Where to ship from and where to ship to, its weight and dimensions. We will offer you services from various courier companies, sorted by delivery time & cost.

Choose the option that fits your preferences best. Fill in the form and pay online. On the requested day, a courier driver will come to pick up your parcel at the address specified by you. From that time you can track your shipment online, via the link that you will receive once the order has been placed. The package is delivered to the address that you have specified, or the recipient can choose to pick up the parcel from the parcel shop.

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Why are your prices lower than when ordering a service directly with the courier?

Most courier companies can ship more packages within one order. You can specify how many parcels you need to send in the first screen of your quote. Be advised that parcels shall not be tied together. The driver will label each parcel. Please know which parcel is intended to which recipient and address so they will be delivered to the correct place.

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Can I ship a parcel with Cash on Delivery (COD)?

COD parcels can be sent within the Czech Republic and to Slovakia. We currently don't support other countries. You can find the option to send a parcel with COD, in the very first step of filling out the details about your package. Cash taken by the driver when delivering your package, will be wired to your bank account with the payment identification you had requested, within a couple of days.

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Can I order shipping between two different countries, for example from Germany to Italy?

Direct shipping between two different countries will be available soon. Currently, we only support shipping from/to the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

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Why is your service so good?

We're offering transportation of ANY parcel, at affordable rates due to a high volume of shipments. You can choose a shipping provider based on price, delivery time and ratings, which are given by customers.

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Can I use your service for shopping on an international e-commerce site?

We don't do internet shop product forwarding. If it's a regular store, you can pay for your goods in advance, choose to pick up in person and tell the shop that your items will be picked up by a courier. Please check in advance that the parcel doesn't exceed maximum weight and dimensions. If the shop personnel refuses to give your items to the courier, unfortunately, you cannot be refunded for the shipping.

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Can I get a delivery confirmation?

Sure, just let us know. You can just send us your request to our helpline together with your parcel number.

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Is your full price list available?

We recommend using our online calculator. The system will offer you live shipping rates. We have also compiled our price list extract for shipping whithin the Czech Republic, and for shipping internationally from the Czech Republic. a shipping from abroad to the Czech Republic. Links for these price lists are available on the top right navigational panel.

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Why should I choose to use Zaslat?

Our service is designed for retail customers as well as businesses. Most of our retail customers are individuals that spend most of their time at home and bringing packages to the post office or to a drop-off point. It's easier to fill out an order on our website and pay on-line. Then all you need to do is to prepare your parcel for shipment and give it to the courier driver, that comes to the chosen place, typically your home or your office. You can learn more about our services here What we offer.

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Is the price I see on the on-line calculator the final price or will some other surcharges apply?

Yes, all prices are final. Our smart algorithm calculator adds all applicable sub-charges and shows the final shipping price. You pay the shipping fee in advance on our website; You don't pay anything to the driver.

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Can I get a one-time discount on shipping?

You can get a one-time shipping discount on our Facebook profile where we often have discount coupons. Then all you need to do is fill out the discount code, from the voucher in the appropriate field, when ordering a shipment, It's in the 4th step when checking out - Order Summary, click on the button Useand the system automatically deducts your discount from the final price. If you are ordering regularly, you can become a partner, save time and also benefit from the resources available to you. You can receive more information from our Sales office.

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