How to send a parcel online using is a revolutionary shipping service that eliminates the need for a complicated journey to the post office. And you can forget about queues. Simply fill in your information and prepare your package - we'll do the rest. We will pick up your shipment and quickly deliver it exactly where it belongs.

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3 easy steps to send

1. Wrap the package

Wrap it up carefully and don't worry about the label. The courier will bring it.

2. Choose a carrier

Choose the transport that suits you best. Cheaper, faster around the Czech Republic or abroad.

3. Give it to the courier

We will pick up the package at your place. Whether you are at home or at another address. Or we can pick it up at collection point.

Zaslat pro podnikatele a firmy

Nastavíme Vám posílání balíků na míru.

Ozvěte se nám a my vám rádi poradíme, jak co nejefektivněji posílat balíky a připravíme vám nabídku na míru.

Measure the size and weight of packages

Enter all the necessary information in the form at

Make sure the weight and dimensions are as accurate as possible, if in doubt, be generous and add more rather than less, this will avoid any unpleasant extra charges. Don't worry, will find a carrier even for oversized shipments.

Wrap the shipment or print a label

We have prepared for you instructions for packing shipments. We recommend that you follow the instructions, together we will avoid any inconvenience, after all, it is your valuable shipment...

Choose a service and carrier that really suits you will provide you with their comprehensive offer, including different combinations of services. We are also constantly adding more services so that you always have the best offer for your exact needs.

The choice is yours, will find you a shipping service tailored to your specific needs.

Fill in the details and pay online with the payment gateway

Filling in the details can be tedious, but be sure to pay close attention to them. The allows logged-in users to save favorite addresses so they won't have to fill them out over and over again.

You can add multiple shipments to an order in, and also set up billing information if needed. And then all that's left is to complete the order and pay. offers secure payment using the ComGate payment gateway.

Wait for the courier to arrive

Once you have booked a courier and prepared the parcel, you can only wait for the courier to arrive. With most couriers it is not possible to book a specific pick-up time. In most cases, couriers will pick up any time of the day between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday, depending on the area and how busy it is.

In case the driver does not pick up the parcels by 4:30 pm, we recommend that you contact us. If you can't wait all day, try asking a neighbour or the company next door, for example. The parcel does not have to be handed over personally by the person ordering the service.

Delivery by courier

Excellent, because you filled in the phone and email, the recipient was informed in advance and the courier arrived at the delivery point. However, if for some reason the recipient was not present at the delivery address, the courier will make another delivery attempt the next business day. Most services offer up to three delivery attempts. Exceptions are some countries such as the UK where parcels are stored for collection at a depot after the first attempt.

If the parcel goes to a dispatch point, the recipient usually has 7 days to collect it. The parcel is then returned either to the sender's address if it was sent by GLS, or to the sending Balíkovna if the parcel was sent by Balíkovna.

Of course, the system informs you of all shipment statuses by email or SMS message.

So what are you waiting for?